HYUNDAI SANTA FE (tvc, frankfurt film, 2016, color grading)
SEPHORA (commercial, enri mur, 2016, color grading)
LAFARGE DUMMIES (commercial, lighthouse productions, 2016, color grading)
NIVEA (commercial,filmakademie, 2015, color grading)
DEGLA LANDMARK (commercial, ktp, 2016, color grading)
LAFARGE CEMENT (commercial, ktp, 2016, color grading)
HYUNDAI i40 (tvc, frankfurt film, 2015, color grading)
HYUNDAI i20 (tvc, frankfurt film, 2015, color grading)
LIDL MALTOS (commercial, imagestorm, 2015, color grading)
KRYO (short, filmakademie, 2015, color grading)
(feature, ratpack filmproduktion, 2015, color grading)
LAIBLE UND FRISCH (teaser, schwabenlandfilm, 2015, color grading)
SCHWARZWÄLDER HAUS (spec, till beckert, 2015, color grading)
RBC THE MORTGAGE (trailer, unexpected gmbh, 2015, color grading)
ETISALAT TROY (commercial, unexpected gmbh, 2015, color grading)
ROAD SAFETY (commercial, unexpected gmbh, 2015, color grading)
STUNG (feature, ratpack filmproduktion/xyz productions, 2014, vfx producer/color grading)
BIRELL TURBO (commercial, unexpected gmbh, 2014, color grading)
AUDI R8 LASERLIGHT (commercial, unexpected gmbh, 2014, color grading)
BOTWARS (teaser, unexpected GmbH, 2014, color grading)
MERCEDES GKLASSE (commercial, markenfilm crossing, 2015, compositing/color grading)
SCHMIDTS KATZE (feature, ffl film- und fernsehlabor, 2014, compositing/color grading trailer)
FANTA SPONSOR OF FANTASY (commercial, seven islands film, 2013, color grading)
UBS - LEICHTATHLETIK (commercial, markenfilm, 2013, vfx supervisor/compositing/color grading)
HORNBACH - UND WAS BLEIBT VON DIR? (commercial, czar, 2013, vfx-supervisor/compositing)
FREDDY (commercial, hfilms, 2013, vfx supervisor/compositing/color grading)
NIKE MANIFEST (commercial, czar, 2011, compositing)
VIVA BERLIN (web series, 2011, vfx supervisor/compositing/color grading)


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